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An Viet Long company encompasses a group of talented engineers to design, manufacture and distribute the following three main product categories:

  • Customized carbon fiber products.
  • Carbon fiber sheets.
  • Precision CNC metal processing.
  • Through the state-of-the-art CNC machining production process, and a strict quality assurance one, we provide the first-class quality products for end-user customers worldwide.

    •  Our History 
    •  Our Mission
    •  Our Visions  
    •  Our values 

    An Viet Long Company Ltd was founded on June, 1st, 2007. Locating in a spacious area in Hoc Mon District, Ho Chi Minh City, the company has expanded business extensively. We are the OEM partner for well-known brands in the remote control hobby field.

    In brief, An Viet Long conducts business in the following industries:

  • Aerospace.
  • Dental equipments.
  • Telecommunication accessories.
  • Remote control helicopter.
  • Aerial photography.
  • Carbon fiber rotor blades for remote control helicopters.
  • Our mission is to help people everywhere to have the best products for enjoying their hobby, at ease through an affordable selling price.
    An Viet Long has set out an ambitious strategy for accessing to and selling the products for more than one billion people in the world by 2020.

  • To be a corporation consisting of the most talented persons that would generate value added for the company, the customers, and the local community.
  • To come up with and maintain a professional organizational culture, with innovation and desire of attaining perfection.
  • To lower the costs, in a continuous manner through the implementation of efficient management practices, to enhance the quality standards and the customers' satisfaction.
  • An Viet Long Co., Ltd. has the following four core values:
  • Profitability: be competent for maintaining a stable business growth and profitability for all the stakeholders.
  • Integrity: integrate in the course of the business.
  • Learning: drive the company's working environment to be an ideal and learning place for potential talented employees, assisting in cultivating knowledge and working competence.
  • Serving: the customers are placed at the center of attention, while the employees are treated with sincerity and passion.
  • Organizational Chart
    Equipment and production capacity

    The CNC machines have been placed at the center of our production process. In the current content, our manufacturing plant has a total of CNC machines with the production capacity of 2 working shifts in all day long.

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